Plenty of blessings with scarcity of glee….

There are many aspects to consider in our lives… unfortunately we only give importance to basic needs and if we think more advance.. then its money…. we all consider money as a path of happiness…its true to a certain extent but not completely…researches have shown that the more rich a person becomes the more depressed he gets….

When a poor person suffers with depression, we can say that a root cause is poverty..if an ill person gets depressed then we say it the consequence of disease but what, if a rich and wealthy person get depressed…unluckily he/she dont have any reason to say…

Its true that money can buy happiness but it cant buy mental peace and tranquility.

Why is that so… when a person has enough money to buy good food, branded clothes and can buy exquisite house…amazing! he is not happy…there is a kind of hollowness.

The feelings of emptiness and hollowness sometimes make a person feel so agitated that he decide to commit suicide.

Is it a fair decision to waste whole life for the sake of some harsh moments… especially the moments for which we dont even know the reason for being worst.

Why we forget that we are humans, though not a super power but have gifted with some powers which are neither super nor weak…we all have been gifted with intentions, intellect, values , virtues and much much more.

The problem lies within us. Problem is that we prioritize commodities over well beings…

Just a little chng in our thinking and perception will bring a significant change in our lives…

Sometimes abundance of Blessings cause depression but everytime serving that abundance to abandant will make us free of depression.


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