Why is that so!

Why is that so! The more we run of things, the more we get closer to them.

Why is that so! The more we try to escape something, the more we get into it.

Is that just a part of life, a way of life or is there a reason hidden?

Is that all happen to us is purposeful or just a hot or cold weather which tossed us and passed?

Many questions arise in this mind, sometimes these question create troubles too.

Sometimes I request myself to flow with the waves, which can eventually lead me towards an island….but its difficult for me..just like it is difficult for a swimmer not to swim and just float or flow….how can a person who has strength, knowledge can only flow without giving any effort.

My problem is that I cant give up….seriously sometimes it becomes the biggest problem.

For depressed people, weak people, its very difficult to gain strength..what for me then..I hv strength but I m tired..I cant give up and is not able to move forward, both at a same time. I m somewhere between yes and no.

Why is that so??????





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