The lesson

A girl was searching for the love of life, 

love, which could take her out of lowlife,

days passed, and the years too,

nobody came to rescue,

disappoint submerged her,

she fell into a well of blur,

In the depth of dump, she found a shell,

Inside shell there was a light which dwelt,

The shell broke,she found sparkling crystal, 

Object worked as transmittel,

It glistened the light of blessing and hope,

Girl understood that to become valuable, fear has to be cope.

3 thoughts on “The lesson

  1. Very good. As English is your second language you are doing very good at translation. There is one word you might want to revise. “Disappoint”. It should be “disappointment”. The first is an action. The second is the feeling that comes from the action of being disappointed. The meaning from your poem is very clear and well written.

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