Difference between struggle and strive

Struggle! What is it? When to do it? Why to do it? These are the questions that come in mind when we hear this word.

I have seen many people struggling in their life. Some of them succeeded, some failed though never accepted their failure and some of them are still struggling.

Now here the question arises, we heard that struggle leads to success then why some people fail despite struggling?

Perhaps the people who succeeded were consciously or unconciously were on the right path of their lives and the failures would have been walking on the wrong path. What is the wrong path then? To understand it one has to understand the meaning of right path.

Right path is always the one which we are created for. The work in which our passion and profession amalgamates. The duty which never make us tired. The task in which we indulge ourselves in the way that we find ourselves spaced out while doing it. When the area of our passion and profession becomes same, we call it straight path.. this is the point where our struggles make us winner.

What about those who are unaware of their work area? The answer is ‘strive’.

Strive! Striving is different from struggling. Strive to know what are you created for. Strive to find oneself. Dig in ourselves to know your destination. Only thing difficult and exciting at the same time in this world is to find oneself. The most fabulous adventure of our life is to explore oneself. Strive to take out what is hidden in you. The day you find yourself is the biggest victory.


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