Ladder too needs a thing to rest upon.

Phenomena of life starts with a rule of development. Whether we talk about life thousand years ago or present day life, the phenomena remains the same. The rule that every livingthing grow step by step… even if we ponder over the sea… there is process comprises of many steps which cause rain. The plant, it grows out of tiny seed. We humans, grow little by little in our mother’s womb..

Every process takes time…every process comprise of easy and tough tasks… but here, there is a universal fact that every upcoming task or step is difficult than the previous one.

The life is like a ladder… every step is taking us to one more higher place but at every proceeding step, there is a possibility to lose our balance.

Ladder of life should be rested with firm surface. If we do it then there are less chances to fall…firm sufaces of our lives are values, ettiquettes, loyalty, honesty, respectfulness and above all humbleness.

Let your life’s ladder rest upon some smooth surface… have a happy life ahead….


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