The lesson

A girl was searching for the love of life, 

love, which could take her out of lowlife,

days passed, and the years too,

nobody came to rescue,

disappoint submerged her,

she fell into a well of blur,

In the depth of dump, she found a shell,

Inside shell there was a light which dwelt,

The shell broke,she found sparkling crystal, 

Object worked as transmittel,

It glistened the light of blessing and hope,

Girl understood that to become valuable, fear has to be cope.

The little blooming flower

Once upon a time, far away in fairy meadows, there was a beautiful garden with lots of trees and fresh, lush green grass.

Among tall trees and short lovely plants, there was a tiny baby plant, growing aesthetically with each successive day.

One day, the gardener died..another person came to take care of it.

He was not that responsible like that of former one. He skipped watering many times.

Fortunes of garden went upside down.

Leaves got pale and grass became a bush. Doom and gloom prevailed…

‘Why? Its my time to bloom…why this all happen to me..I have seen so many dreams, i want to become a beautiful plant with eye- catching flowers.’ The young plant sighed.

There was a closed bud on one of its branch..’its better not to born than being murdered.’

A tall tree heard this conversation. ‘Dont give up, everybody born with its own rights, no one on the earth has power to make us born nor on the land has the power to kill us. Wait with patience and high spirit.’

There came a rain then, which nourished each and every leaf and bud.

The fortune of garden got bright again. Bud then bloom into a flower. All of them sang a song.

Stand at your place,

Stand firmly,

A day will come,

When we succeed emphatically.