A path towards self realization

I am housewife… everyday I deal with my routine work. The same dish washing, the same laundry issues, same cooking and same cleaning. Thus, same thing everyday. But i am lucky to an extent that i hv a roof upon my head, i have good food to eat and many other blessings… Sometimes just thinking about my maid stimulate my realization sense. She is poor, weak…

Atleast I can turn my tv on , whenever I get bored or sometimes I switch to social media but her life…. her life is so miserable… she work from morning till evening, at different houses, she has to face the people of different callibre…

Is to lead this kind of life is our purpose?

Everyday passes with same routine… As shakespeare said ‘ all world is a stage.’ People are coming and going…

Today, the whole day went like this… pondering about the regrets which one can get on death bed. We lead so purposeless life.

Life is a path full of gravels out of which we have to play a treasure hunt game… we have to find atleast one jewel out of these gravels. That one jewel will be enough to embellish our life.

To find myself becomes my biggest hunt. There are many devices and diagnostic machines invented which can detect disease but there is no such device invented which can help us see our inner self which is in real very important.

We have to thrive on our lives as we will not get another chance. #self realization



Now its a first ‘D’ of my life. The most important and the most vivacious one. If dreams were not accompanied me years ago, (when I was about 10 years old) I would not be the same as I am, or perhaps I would not survive.

I have learnt that there are times in your life when you have to pep up your life, no matter how devastating sometimes it becomes. Dreams are something like sprinkling some extra toppings onto the tasteless food. One thing which has to be noticed here, dreams here means the ones which we can see with our awaking eyes.

Question arises.. what to dream about, how, when etc.

You can dream about everything you want to become in your life. You can imagine your life, the way you want. If you are student and want to be a postion holder, then yes, why not, go head. You can imagine a day when your name is called out as a topper and the whole auditorium resonated with aplause. If you are a film maker and you wish to win an oscar… then yes, imagine… just imagine.

Humans are the body of intellect. But sometimes, heart and mind need to be fool….

Let me explain…..just as car needs fuel, our body needs fuel ( food), our cell phones need fuel (charging)… the same way, our heart and mind needs fuel.. wats that fuel. Yes! We have to make them fool, just to set them free of worries for a while and this can only be done by means of imagination.

Believe me! It works… for me, it always works…





An Introduction

Hi, my name is Kehkashan. I am from Pakistan. 36 years old. I am here with my dreams. Dreams which i dreamt with awaking eyes. For me, the dreams which we see with awaking eyes are much effective than the dreams we usually have during sleep. Dreams and awaking eyes will be my next topic. Here i want to give you people an intro.

I believe that the word ”life” comprise ”live it for eternity.”

Eternity itself is another topic, which I love to talk about.

The purpose of my blogs is to bring solace for d’s. Do you people know, who are those d’s. Let me tell you. Depressed, distressed, divided, distinctive people.

Purpose of this blog is never harm or hurt others feelings nor criticism. I m and I will write blogs from my point of views. No other people are ever targeted.

For me every person has his/ her own perspectives which we hv to respect.

Thanks and bye till my next post.