Philosophy of love

Philosophy is the study of reasoning, so I have given names to the following terms according to it..

CONDITIONAL LOVE–reasonable love
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE—unreasonable love.

Most of people in love or relationships call their love UNCONDITIONAL. I am against it.. Why? Answer is in the question, ‘Why parents love their children?’ There is a reason behind.. and the reason is that they know they are the ones they have given, there’s a reason and it’s reasonable.. parents know that they would be incomplete without their children..
Now question arises.. why children love their parents.. again a reason.. they know that they were the ones who brought them up, took care of them when they were young and provided them with basic needs…so again there is a reason.. it’s reasonable.. thus conditional as children know that they are a part of their parents.. they can’t live without loving them..
Now coming to love between man and woman..both become a desire for each other.. without one being, another’s survival gets difficult.. in order to give meaning to their lives its important to love each other…again there’s a reason…
Let me give you an example for conditional love to make you understand better my point of views .
CONDITIONAL love is like a jigsaw puzzle which is almost completed but lacking only one piece which is lost.. the whole picture needs that one lost , broken piece to get completed but what if that lost piece can’t be found? People commit suicide or discard their visualize it.. see if it is correct to shatter the whole picture just for that one piece.. Why? Why that one piece only..just because of your Love? No.. because you know that your picture can only gets complete if you get that broken piece.. is it unconditional? Obviously NO..

UNCONDITIONAL love.. yes it exists.. it exists between two broken and lost pieces of jigsaw puzzle.. both of them know that they are incomplete individually and they remain incomplete when get together.. no reason behind it… just CARE and UNDERSTANDING… it may be because of this reason that two different personalities often make ideal couples.
Parents love is unconditional too if it is towards crippled or disabled child.. they know that there is a big flaw in their picture but still they won’t hide it.. children’s love can be unconditional too.. if they know that his/her parents are not capable of doing even menial tasks. Taking care of them in old age is unconditional…

Other than above mentioned types.. there is another too. SPIRITUAL love.. it can be related with GOD or SOUL MATES.. but one has to be very cautious when confessing it.. check if the confession is not because of some psyche disorders..

SOUL MATES.. in my opinion, love between them is ideal..without meeting one another but perceived the similar essence, no need to get to each other but just thinking about particular person gives some sort of happiness.. no fears of losing and no expectations but just pure love…
But I could be wrong..


Perks of being a wall flower

Among the massive crowds of people, there live introverts too. Introverts are different from one another.. but there are some we call them ‘wall flowers.’

We can’t even notice or recognize them as they always prevent themselves from limelight. It may be a person by whom we are profited indirectly.. it may be a person who is our hidden well wisher. These are the people who find there happiness in ours. These are the ones who show reluctance to say anything in public…. the question is WHY?

They are real victims of society, the suppressed personalities, they know that they are something but never try to prove..ARE THEY WEAK? No, they aren’t.. in fact they are much stronger than extroverts. Because they know how to hide their tears.. they know that whenever they want to cry, they have to go in solitude or in rain.. they are strong enough to provide their shoulders to beloved ones when ever they are sad. After lots of sufferings, and a journey without destination.. they erase their actual entity and become comedian or clowns… people think that they are source of happiness, how could they be sad.. reality is against.. losing entity to make others happy is never easy.

Question is aren’t any gemologists exist in present world who can differentiate between ordinary and precious stones? Is there no one who could read the philosophies behind their exhorting eyes, as they provide those things which they are themselves in need of..? Isn’t there anyone who can grab hands and pull them to light and tell them that ‘no matter if you are wall flower, I will become your wall’? Is there no one who tell them they are precious stones made for kings crown..? Unfortunately there is none to tell them.. and as a result.. ‘those wall flowers accept love what they think they deserve.’

All world’s a stage

As Shakespeare said.. ‘all world is stage and we are players.. each man acts seven stages.’


Life begins with newborn’s cry. A cry without any reason or there’s a reason hidden. An infant, whose subconcious mind is dominant, unaware of surroundings but aware of his wants.. just a pure mind without any discrimination. Just like a seedling dispersed out of seed, doesn’t know which kind of tree he will become.


And a mystery begins.. it’s time for crawling, walking, running and above all curiosity is dominant. But when given a chance to quench his curiosity by means of school.. all intrigue disappears… school becomes haunted house and teachers become evil spirits..

3rd) A LOVER

Time passed, childhood turn into youth. Bright eyes like lightning in sky, sparks and strikes its gravity. Love become life and the life becomes wife.


After having wife, he becomes wise. Digging in himself, he finds patriotism for land.. enthusiasm for race and religion. Strong, extravagant and short tempered like a burning sun. Becomes a soldier in the field of life, earning wealth and become rich.


He witness a turn in life where eclipse occur. All the heat goes a side. Becomes a moon with cool moonlight. Reflections (wisdom) of sunlight makes him wise.


After enjoying the state of full moon… a night occurs when the moon disappears. No moon, no light and no reflection(wisdom). Sky becomes black. Loses throughout life, deceptions and regrets making the night more dark… he realises that he has built a huge pyramid (wealth) without giving a thought that it will become his tomb.


Return of subconcious mind. Becomes dependent again.. not upon parents but upon children. Looking at their rude behaviours, realise that all that glitters aren’t gold. Finally the ink runs out of life’s pen.. much left to be written.. time says NO MORE SCRIPTS PLEASE! A final gasp but not of relief but sigh.. this time tears are dried and no cause of smile left. NEUTRAL.

Beauty is terror

“Beauty is the beginning of terror.”
All beauty is surrounded by terror.. Beauty can be a love of life.. it can be some position we want to achieve.. it can be some goal towards life. Beauty is beauty until and unless we are striving to achieve it. Manytimes it lost its beauty when we get it or sometimes it becomes a source of terror.
Terror may occur as a fear to lose that beauty or terror may become our companion in the form of inferiority within us.. resulting in never ending depression and envy or it may become terror when beauty itself start losing its beauty.
Sometimes after embracing the beauty after morbid longing, there is no other purpose left in life. Thus there is then no other destination beyond it except death..
Or may be its veil of death covering the real beauty within. May be the life we are living is sub conscious and death is going to bring consciousness.. to conclude…
In any of above ways… BEAUTY IS TERROR.


Metamorphosis.. a reality… a process from a larvae to the beautiful butterfly..
Life is a process which evolve us.. sometimes by throwing challenges to us.. sometimes by offering all we want in a moment and sometimes by not responding to anything.
Many times life decieve us by presenting beauty in trays and when we try to pick it up, it is nothing but illusion. Many times the terrific situations lead us to the path of ultimate beauty and many times on reaching destination we find that it was nothing but a terror.
Most of the times we have to wander as a stranger who follow each and every sign but find nothing and sometimes we fall into a hole
and find a jewel inside it.
Life is like a dark tunnel at the end of which light awaits us.. only thing we have to do is keep walking.. if we do not walk and stay their waiting for miracles, we never get that light..

Two choices.. either we wait for light to come miraculously or light wait for us..
I choose the second, what’s yours.

Keep walking!

Less people learn from their surroundings, others just spend the life as the seasons passing by.

Life is here to teach us lessons. From a lifeless egg to the birth of human and his death, everything has a lesson in it. From ants carrying weights more than their own to the elephant who require several kgs of food but still not too fast as those little creatures are.. From those piercing cactus to the beautiful roses who are plucked by people. From stubborn donkeys to the timidness of horses. From enormous sea (just in size) to the vastness (nature) of rivers. From the roars of lions to the sweet sound of sparrows. From complaining of the people to the tolerance of earth..and so on.. everything has a lesson in it.
One has to be capable of understanding those lessons like a swimmer, after an under water dive gets filled with gratitude and another person gets nothing but some sights of fishes.


We can never differentiate good of bad, beautiful of ugly, deep of shallow, until and unless we witness the true essence of nature.
NATURE with all its beauty, colors, chirping of birds, crashing of waves, rustling of trees and breeze touching us without any prior notice, is teaching us lessons..
Sometimes the lessons taught in schools, universities are not enough to prick us or to awake us.. But yes that language of silence teaches us the real meaning.
SILENCE… a time we spend with ourselves amid nature. The only way to get sincere and to be honest with oneself.. as there is no fear of rejection and criticism. The only way to get rid of self deception. Only way to differentiate between needs and desires. It’s time for a self talk.. It’s time for purifying mind of the myths and misconceptions. It’s the only way to differentiate between important and unnecessary company. It’s like sunlight after rain which brings the colors of rainbow.
When we return back to our polluted world, we will realize and recognize the difference… and then only we will be able to lit the flambeaux of positive change with our own light which we attain during that hour of silence.