Today one of media group member asked about life..

I dont know that in what kind of muse I was in that moment, I just replied to the post and here are the words that I typed..

‘ Life is like an aesthetic garden with beautiful flowers surrounded by thorns, Life is like a daffodil floating in stagnant water, Life is exortic, tremendous, adventurous and sweet, Life is like an ocean giving life to different species, Life is like a river with quality of vastness in its nature which paves its way towards ocean and lost its identity, Life is like a space which despite being dark embellished with numerous galaxies, Life is like a pearl in the shell… one has to dive into depthness to findout that pearl, Life is not we are living… life is something living in us…’

I wrote it and my own writing compels me to ponder over…

Such a pleasant feeling we get by reading such stuff…

I wish that the same pleasantness we feel in our practical lives…

Unfortunately, we pluck the petals of half bloomed flowers and then complain about uglyness of our garden…

We look above at stars at night and wish to become one, we forget that stars shine in darkness then why wont we?

We like the flow of rivers, the sound of rivers and its beauty but we forget that the beauty lies in flowing….

Unfortunately, we dislike flowing, we forget that by flowing we can pave our way out but we lack it…

We look at the beautiful gardens and wish to hv our life become like one, we forget that for aesthetic greenery there is always one thing required that is soil…

Unfortunately, we dont like to become a good soil instead we like to become a tree, flower and grass… we forget that tree can be cut, flowers can be pluck and grass is the one which remains beneath our shoes…. its the soil which can regrow the garden whenever there comes spring..

Be a river, be a soil, be a star, be everything except being lifeless..

Ladder too needs a thing to rest upon.

Phenomena of life starts with a rule of development. Whether we talk about life thousand years ago or present day life, the phenomena remains the same. The rule that every livingthing grow step by step… even if we ponder over the sea… there is process comprises of many steps which cause rain. The plant, it grows out of tiny seed. We humans, grow little by little in our mother’s womb..

Every process takes time…every process comprise of easy and tough tasks… but here, there is a universal fact that every upcoming task or step is difficult than the previous one.

The life is like a ladder… every step is taking us to one more higher place but at every proceeding step, there is a possibility to lose our balance.

Ladder of life should be rested with firm surface. If we do it then there are less chances to fall…firm sufaces of our lives are values, ettiquettes, loyalty, honesty, respectfulness and above all humbleness.

Let your life’s ladder rest upon some smooth surface… have a happy life ahead….

Difference between struggle and strive

Struggle! What is it? When to do it? Why to do it? These are the questions that come in mind when we hear this word.

I have seen many people struggling in their life. Some of them succeeded, some failed though never accepted their failure and some of them are still struggling.

Now here the question arises, we heard that struggle leads to success then why some people fail despite struggling?

Perhaps the people who succeeded were consciously or unconciously were on the right path of their lives and the failures would have been walking on the wrong path. What is the wrong path then? To understand it one has to understand the meaning of right path.

Right path is always the one which we are created for. The work in which our passion and profession amalgamates. The duty which never make us tired. The task in which we indulge ourselves in the way that we find ourselves spaced out while doing it. When the area of our passion and profession becomes same, we call it straight path.. this is the point where our struggles make us winner.

What about those who are unaware of their work area? The answer is ‘strive’.

Strive! Striving is different from struggling. Strive to know what are you created for. Strive to find oneself. Dig in ourselves to know your destination. Only thing difficult and exciting at the same time in this world is to find oneself. The most fabulous adventure of our life is to explore oneself. Strive to take out what is hidden in you. The day you find yourself is the biggest victory.

The lesson

A girl was searching for the love of life, 

love, which could take her out of lowlife,

days passed, and the years too,

nobody came to rescue,

disappoint submerged her,

she fell into a well of blur,

In the depth of dump, she found a shell,

Inside shell there was a light which dwelt,

The shell broke,she found sparkling crystal, 

Object worked as transmittel,

It glistened the light of blessing and hope,

Girl understood that to become valuable, fear has to be cope.

The little blooming flower

Once upon a time, far away in fairy meadows, there was a beautiful garden with lots of trees and fresh, lush green grass.

Among tall trees and short lovely plants, there was a tiny baby plant, growing aesthetically with each successive day.

One day, the gardener died..another person came to take care of it.

He was not that responsible like that of former one. He skipped watering many times.

Fortunes of garden went upside down.

Leaves got pale and grass became a bush. Doom and gloom prevailed…

‘Why? Its my time to bloom…why this all happen to me..I have seen so many dreams, i want to become a beautiful plant with eye- catching flowers.’ The young plant sighed.

There was a closed bud on one of its branch..’its better not to born than being murdered.’

A tall tree heard this conversation. ‘Dont give up, everybody born with its own rights, no one on the earth has power to make us born nor on the land has the power to kill us. Wait with patience and high spirit.’

There came a rain then, which nourished each and every leaf and bud.

The fortune of garden got bright again. Bud then bloom into a flower. All of them sang a song.

Stand at your place,

Stand firmly,

A day will come,

When we succeed emphatically.

Why is that so!

Why is that so! The more we run of things, the more we get closer to them.

Why is that so! The more we try to escape something, the more we get into it.

Is that just a part of life, a way of life or is there a reason hidden?

Is that all happen to us is purposeful or just a hot or cold weather which tossed us and passed?

Many questions arise in this mind, sometimes these question create troubles too.

Sometimes I request myself to flow with the waves, which can eventually lead me towards an island….but its difficult for me..just like it is difficult for a swimmer not to swim and just float or flow….how can a person who has strength, knowledge can only flow without giving any effort.

My problem is that I cant give up….seriously sometimes it becomes the biggest problem.

For depressed people, weak people, its very difficult to gain strength..what for me then..I hv strength but I m tired..I cant give up and is not able to move forward, both at a same time. I m somewhere between yes and no.

Why is that so??????




Plenty of blessings with scarcity of glee….

There are many aspects to consider in our lives… unfortunately we only give importance to basic needs and if we think more advance.. then its money…. we all consider money as a path of happiness…its true to a certain extent but not completely…researches have shown that the more rich a person becomes the more depressed he gets….

When a poor person suffers with depression, we can say that a root cause is poverty..if an ill person gets depressed then we say it the consequence of disease but what, if a rich and wealthy person get depressed…unluckily he/she dont have any reason to say…

Its true that money can buy happiness but it cant buy mental peace and tranquility.

Why is that so… when a person has enough money to buy good food, branded clothes and can buy exquisite house…amazing! he is not happy…there is a kind of hollowness.

The feelings of emptiness and hollowness sometimes make a person feel so agitated that he decide to commit suicide.

Is it a fair decision to waste whole life for the sake of some harsh moments… especially the moments for which we dont even know the reason for being worst.

Why we forget that we are humans, though not a super power but have gifted with some powers which are neither super nor weak…we all have been gifted with intentions, intellect, values , virtues and much much more.

The problem lies within us. Problem is that we prioritize commodities over well beings…

Just a little chng in our thinking and perception will bring a significant change in our lives…

Sometimes abundance of Blessings cause depression but everytime serving that abundance to abandant will make us free of depression.