Sometimes, it happens when things seem impossible… and whenever such situation occurs, there is one thing which comforts me the most and bring the hope back in life…

THE TINY SEED.. which dispersed and become a seedling, then tiny plant and finally one day, it turns into a tree. From the very beginning, we held ourselves responsible to water the land where we have sown that seed. We boast when seedling comes out but we forget to feel the pain which that tiny seed had gone through during this process of dispersal. Its in fact, a turning of one thing into new… a complete transformation! We forget to think about how the tiny plant then shattered itself into small branches… we again boast because we water it… Isnt the shattering of one stem into many branches resembles the shattering of our emotions?
The tiny plant grows into a huge tree… a tree which gives fruits.. and it is the most interesting part… a fruit which is soft, sweet and colorful, is the production of those dry, scattered, brown, woody and ugly branches. Too much difference between the materials… the wood and the fruit…?

During all this process, we boast of only that thing which we provide to that tree in bringing it up… Do you really think that water, no doubt, is important but the only thing which had boost up the growth of tree…?
Isnt it the pain and wisdom is somewhere lying inside and become the cause of growth…?

And above all, when those branches are capable of producing fruits then why dont our dry and boring lives can bring out fruits…?

Everything is possible, if we believe! ~kehkashan

DAWN FOR THE DUSK..PART 4… continued

The news baffled Zia, left him in utter grief. He stuck between whether to accept reality or try to arrange money required for his mother’s treatment. Like any other son, he preferred to struggle. He was already under debt. He collected vigour, determined himself that he would save his mother at any cost. He started searching for some permanent job.

He never showed his complexes to anyone but every night, he cried in solitude. He had no clue of how and from where he could arrange such a huge amount of money to save his mother. Anxiety was not allowing him to look forward but the sense of responsibility on his weak shoulders was coercing him to continue his daily job regardless of what it was germinating into his mind. Shams was one of many labourers working on a platform where Zia worked as vendor. He was Zia’s only fellow who sowed the seeds of positivity in Zia’s life by saying, “be like a tree Zia, who stands firmly whilst absorbing scorching heat of sun and providing shelters to the passersby, bearing the loss of leaves during autumn and waiting for spring. You should never get tired of challenging up the lines of your palm, your day will come Zia, as hard working people never fails..”

Those were the days of December, Karachi Cantt was jam packed as the people were arriving from other cities to celebrate eid. A well dressed guy was wandering impatiently, it seemed that for whom he was waiting would be arriving by a train which was delayed. He inquired Zia about cafeteria and left platform to had a cup of tea. After a short while, a fierce bang heard. Like all other labourers, Zia too, followed the site. It was a sound of collision between two cars. The guy whom Zia met a few minutes before, was lying on the road. He became the victim of accident while crossing the road. His temple was bleeding and was not in his senses. Zia helped him out of that place and managed to take him to hospital when all other people present there refused to help him.
(To be continued)

Dawn for the dusk…part 3 continued…

School too, proved to be a great cause for sufferings. When old aged and ineligible teachers failed to explain basic concepts, they took out their frustration on poor kids who were unaware of the reason for being scolded. Helpless kids had no other option left to pass exams except memorizing the lesson which consequently led them to ‘No understand thus no gain.’ Kids spent their evenings playing and running barefoot across the maze of narrow streets. For dinner, the family had a handful of lentils cooked in turmeric water served with homemade tortilla. Second violence which the family faced every night was the quarrel among siblings because of limited food supplies.

Time was accelerating so as deprivation. Zia turned fifteen. He passed his tenth grade exam. Their economic condition was getting worst each successive day. His father got drug addicted and the living earned by his mother was inadequate to meet their daily wants. After his father’s death, Zia discontinued his education and worked as a newspaper vendor. In morning, he worked at train stations and bus stops while evenings were devoted working as waiter at restaurant.

Zia worked day and night regardless of his health and strength. During all those years, he met people of different calibre. Few of them virtuous, some wicked, many selfish and few altruistic. Years passed, he was nineteen then, he found out his mother’s major cause of illness. After going through diagnostic procedures, his mother was diagnosed with blood cancer. (To be continued)

Some reflections: why sometimes, the life becomes so tough? What step one should take to overcome the issues? Or is there any step taken of use?


self realization #motivation #lesson #hope

Dawn for the dusk.. continued

Zia Ihteshaam- a tall, slim, matured asian gentleman with a bold statement of black glasses, was a successful businessman living in NewYork since he was 32. Every year, he came to spend days in the middle of those appealing alps to attain peace but this time, the serene environment of Grindalwald failed to equip him. For all his friends and colleagues, Zia was an enviable person because of his sky touching business and impressive lifestyle. Nobody knew from what mental trauma he was going through.

After lingering outside for hours, he went inside the room… paused for a while when passed by a mirror. He stared at himself, his own reflection in the mirror opened the pandora box of his life events. The personality he possessed was not his actual identity. He transformed himself years ago to compete the monsters of this cruel world. His eyes got filled with tears, he pulled his hairs, clenched teeth due to frustration.
“No, this is not my life. If I was created to lead this kind of life. What is my purpose of living? O Lord, please help me to overcome this situation, show me the way towards right path….”

The last praying words reminded him of something. Those were the excerpts of poetry which he used to sang in his school morning assembly. The words evoked the memories of his childhood. He reclined on the couch by the window and recalled his past.

Zia was born in Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Relation between his family and poverty was inseparable like blood and veins.

He remembered the time when he was eight, they lived in a small cottage at one of the city’s oldest town. His father was a laborer. After lifting heavy piles of bricks, his father got wage of Rs.20 which proved to be insufficient to meet the daily needs of the family comprised of seven persons… five kids and two elders. During 70’s, Karachi was known as the city of lights but like any other place in world, poor class always suffer with darkness of hate, hostility and abhor. Zia’s mother worked as wardkeeper at the nearby hospital. She always wanted her kids to seek education so that they could turn the fortune wheel. Going against her husband’s will, she admitted her kids to the government school.

They had no alarm clock in their house but every morning Zia woke up by an altercation between his parents. They fought over niggly things. It was their everyday routine that after delivering lots of abusing words to each other, both parents left for work. It was the first violence which innocent eyes witnessed every morning because of poverty. Being the eldest brother, Zia had many responsibilities. He made his siblings ready for school. After having slate bread for breakfast, young souls carrying heavy backpacks which bent their soft little backs, left for school.
( to be continued)


self realization #solace #motivation


Kashmala- the beloved wife of Zia Ihteshaam, died just four months before his annual visit to Grindalwald. In her absence, Zia felt like an ocean without current. He realized, no matter how vigorously he conducted vast chain of restaurants, no matter how successful businessman he became, he had failed to defeat the termites of cancer colonising in his beloved wife’s bloodstream. Kashmala’s demise not only unrolled the blanket of doom and gloom in his life but also left him alone with continuous self analyzing conscience. For Zia, it took years to ingratiate Kashmala as she was the only child of well to do Pakistani citizen Pervaiz Iskandar, whereas Zia belonged to the poverty stricken family.


On that magnificent night of 21st June, fifty-eight years old Zia was lying on the hammock outside his chalet, located amid the most serene alps of Grindalwald (Switzerland). Stars flickering in the dark sky made the night alluring, the invigorating fresh mountain air alongwith light drizzle and mesmerizing music composed by the rustling of trees had made the environment more tranquilizing. But none of those phenomenons helped in lessening Zia’s anxiety. Instead the nature worked as thought stimulator. His major past events were evoking him to introspect.

‘Why it seems that my life is fastened with a bolt, the more I tried to escape, the more it gets tightened? Why these worldly materials around me seems worthless though I wished for them once and trailed them over a long period of time?’ (To be continued)

What kind of thoughts were disturbing Zia? Was he ungrateful? Or it was because of his wife’s demise? Or there might be another reason?

The Purpose


The very basic law of nature which we have forgotten about is “Nothing in the nature lives for itself!”
Rivers enhancing the beauty of landscapes, don’t drink their own water. Sometimes when got blocked at one point, starts flowing towards another direction but it keeps flowing and flowing to nourish the lands and the lives. They know their purpose!
Trees don’t eat their own fruits. They stand firmly, throughout the year facing the changes of weather, providing shelters to the travellers, beautify nature, compose the tranquilizing music by using its leaves and finally, one day we cut them off for wood. Trees have their purpose too, that is to give love..
Flower’s fragrance is not for themselves, people pluck them and force them to die.. A symbol of love sometimes become the wreath for graves.. no matter we keep those flowers, they do their work efficiently that is to permeate a sweet fragrance!
We want holidays to sleep more, to rest more.. but Sun rises early everyday.. It burns to pour its shine upon us, to give life to Earth. Who is there to burn itself for others, despite knowing that the heat which is necessary for growth is condemned by the people…
Oh you golden sun in the sky!
Why burning and not even cry?
Why burning for those who blame you?
Is anyone among them beloved to you?
SUN too has its purpose!
DOCTORS…or LIVING ANGELS on Earth are risking their lives for others..
Despite this pandemic disease, they are doing their tasks efficiently..
I salute to all the doctors working during these difficult situations.
They too, know their purpose…
What are we doing? Why are we so depressed? Isn’t it our purpose to help others in preventing this disease by practising self isolation.. Is it more difficult than doctor’s duties which is endangering lives for the sake of others.

Dreams are dreams until we pay a heavy price for them! Then they become reality!

Do dreams appear in reality as we have seen them or in the form of interpretations?

Sometimes, nightmares turn into sweet realities and sweet dreams turn into bitter ones….

Uncertainty is the part of life or one can say it a life….(uncetainty as a whole and life… a part of it)


Enchanterous spell transformed me as I was never before,

Canvas of my life has been adored,

Colors of rainbow are my blanket now,

Warmth of love and vows,

Why moonlight iz getting jealouz of me,

Why sun is burning of my glee,

I am the princess of my own kingdom,

Kingdom ismy heart which enjoys freedom,

Life becomes beautiful landscape,

An aesthetic world, no one wants to escape…

First Step towards journey within!

Julie: Have you ever experience a miraculous journey?

David: Miraculous in what sense?

Julie: A journey from a prison to a prison!

David: No, I haven’t.

Julie: You liar! We all have witness that experience.. A birth experience..

David: Why you called it prison to prison.. isn’t it strange?

Julie (smiles): Only a baby knows reality.. thats why she cries soon after birth and the ignorants around become happy.. As life proceeds, the baby grows up, during the rest of her life, whenever she laughs, everyone gets envy of her. How can this world become a better place where first cries are fulfilled wishes and the laughters attracts haters..?